What Healthcare Certifications Do You Need?

Healthcare workers and many professionals from a variety of other industries have to stay on top of their healthcare certifications in order to continue to work in their fields. It’s important, but easy to do if you work with the right certification company.

Whether you need CPR, First Aid or BLS certification MN, as well as any other training classes, MMTS can help you obtain or renew your certification today. But which certifications do you need? Follow the guide below to find out which classes you should be taking.

CPR Certification

The CPR certification classes at MMTS cover a wide range of professionals. The basic Heartsaver CPR training is great for teachers and childcare providers, security guards, personal trainers/coaches or anyone working in a business setting who needs to learn CPR.

The Heartsaver AED and CPR class is right for anyone who needs CPR certification as well as training in the use of an AED. This class is great for healthcare professionals such as dental assistants, nurses and other workers in the healthcare field.

Health Care or Professional Rescuer BLS/CPR

Basic life support training (BLS) is meant to teach individuals everything that is entailed in pre-hospital training. This certification is necessary for first responders and people who will be arriving on a scene before a victim is transported to the hospital.

Emergency medical technicians, paramedics, dentists, firefighters, police officers and nurses usually require this certification in order to continue working in their field.

First Aid Certification

The MMTS First Aid classes are specially designed by healthcare professionals to teach workers in various industries to handle a variety of emergency situations.

If you are a teacher or a childcare provider, the Pediatric First Aid Certification class is right for you. If you are a first responder or an emergency medical professional, you will likely need to have the Responder Team First Aid Certification class.

MMTS also offers classes for Bloodborne Pathogen training, which is ideal for anyone who will be handling hazardous materials in the healthcare field.

Finally, childcare providers will also want to take the Shaken Baby Prevention/SUIDS Training classes, which focuses on infants and young child who are still in the early brain development stages.

Choose the Right Company to Train With

The class that you choose to take is only as good as the company that offers it. The classes offered at MMTS are taught by professionals who have real-world experience handling emergency situations. You can either choose to take one of our public classes, or you can contact us to schedule a private lesson.

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