Childcare First Aid Checklist

Every parent is nervous the first time they leave their child in the care of someone else. They feel a loss of control. They worry about safety. As a childcare provider, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to taking care of the children you’re watching over.

Kids can be prone to accidents. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t know better. Other times, it’s because they choose to ignore your instructions. Regardless, if something happens under your watch, the blame falls on you.

You need to be prepared. True to its name, a first aid kit is the first line of defense when something does happen. Make sure yours is properly stocked.

Childcare First Aid Checklist

A box of band-aids and some antiseptic isn’t going to cut it. Here’s what you should have on hand:

  • Band-aids (assorted shapes and sizes)
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Flexible roller gauze
  • Bandage tape
  • Bandage scissors
  • Disposable non-porous gloves (latex and vinyl).
  • Liquid soap
  • Wet-naps and hand sanitizer (if water is not available to wash hands).
  • Tweezers
  • Ear thermometer or other non-glass digital thermometer (with instructions)
  • Eye shield.
  • Small plastic or metal splints
  • Instant cold pack
  • Cloth shield for cold pack
  • Water
  • Plastic zipper bags (assorted sizes)
  • Current standard first aid chart or first aid guide
  • Pen/pencil and note pad
  • Telephone numbers of poison control center, paramedics, and other emergency numbers
  • List of home, cell, and work phone numbers for parents, family, or emergency contact person
  • A pre-paid emergency phone

As soon as you use something, make sure to replace your supply. Also, make sure that it’s stored somewhere that’s accessible and movable, but out of the reach of children.

The Training is Just as Important as the Tools

A first aid kit is only as good as your ability to use it. To prepare for emergencies, you need proper first aid training. Show parents that you’re trustworthy. Get certified in first aid and basic lifesaving skills.

For first aid and BLS certification MN, visit our public classes page or contact us directly to schedule onsite training.

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