Obtaining CPR Certification MN with MMTS

CPR certification MNFor more than 22 years, Minnesota Medical Training Services has been teaching individuals, businesses, and other groups life-saving techniques that are employed by medical professionals across the country. Getting CPR Certification in MN can and will save lives.

Our classes are expertly designed to meet the needs of you or your team. After all these years, we still provide training for many of our original customers!

Why Get Certified?

Depending on your career, CPR certification may be mandated by federal or state law. Even if your job does not require you to undergo CPR training, it is still worth it for you to attend.

You never know when an emergency will arise, and learning how to react in these types of situations are skills that possess unlimited value.

Careers That Require Mandatory CPR Certification in MN

Whether by federal regulation or Minnesota state law, many professionals in a variety of careers are required to obtain and keep up-to-date their CPR certification MN. If you are thinking of entering any of the following fields of employment, our classes are perfect for you.

These fields include:

  • Nurses/Doctors
  • First Responders/Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Firefighters/Police Officers
  • Physician/Dental Assistants
  • Lifeguards/Ski Patrol
  • Personal Trainers and coaches
  • Teachers
  • Childcare providers
  • Security Guards
  • All other healthcare related fields (even hospital volunteers)

Other Careers Where CPR Certification is Good to Have

Although not all career paths require you to have a CPR certification, it is still a great skill to possess. Accidents can happen at work and you never know when these skills may be needed. Plus, they are a great addition to any resume and can make you a more attractive candidate for employment!

Some of these careers include:

  • Construction workers
  • Babysitters
  • School Staff/Aides
  • Office workers
  • Factory/Warehouse workers
  • Stay-at-home parents

Length of Certification

All CPR certifications obtained from MMTS will last for two years before they will need to be renewed as required by federal and Minnesota state law.

There are no other certification lengths that can be obtained.

Classes Offered at MMTS

MMTS offers a large variety of classes that are specifically tailored to your needs. Each class is designed and taught by experienced professionals who have had first-hand experiences working in the healthcare or related fields.

Classes can be taught to individuals, groups, businesses or families. MMTS offers a fun and relaxed environment where anyone can learn the basics of CPR, first aid, the proper use of AED devices and more.

Scheduling is very flexible and best of all you are not required to travel anywhere. If you can’t make it to one of our class locations, our certified instructors can bring the course to you at no additional cost!

You can choose from a variety of classes including:

  • Friends and Family CPR Training
  • Heartsaver CPR Training
  • Heartsaver AED and CPR Training
  • Healthcare Provider CPR Training

Get Your CPR Certification Today!

No matter which course you choose for yourself, your business or you family, you are guaranteed to learn skills that can help you save the life of a family member or friend.

Call today to begin or renew your certification!


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