CPR Classes MN for Businesses and Individuals

CPR Classes MNThe CPR classes offered at Minnesota Medical Training Services (MMTS) are expertly designed to teach you all the skills you need to react to a variety of emergency situations.

You never know when a medical emergency will occur, and being prepared to react can help you save a life. Whether you are an individual or part of a group, the certified American Heart Association CPR classes in MN with MMTS will prepare to make a difference.

From CPR training to the usage of AEDs (automated external defibrillators), MMTS provides classes for groups and individuals seeking to learn a variety of skills.

The professional instructors at MMTS are the best in their field. Besides teaching you life-saving techniques, our instructors will prepare you to stay calm, access the situation and react accordingly.

When someone’s life is on the line, every second counts, and saving a life requires more than just technique!

Individual Courses: Enhance Your Career and Learn a New Skill!

Individuals seeking to boost their skill set will find the CPR classes MN at MMTS to be the perfect fit for their needs.

Everyone from healthcare workers to childcare providers must have up-to-date have CPR certifications to enter and remain in the workforce. MMTS can prepare you to either begin or move forward in your career.

Even if you don’t need to learn CPR for your career, it’s still an amazing skill for you and your family to learn. MMTS instructors can help prepare you and your children to quickly react in an emergency situation.

It never hurts to be prepared!

Courses for Businesses: Train Your Team

Do you manage an office of medical professionals and want to have your entire team certified in CPR? MMTS can teach your entire team.

Even if you are not involved in the healthcare industry, group CPR classes can prepare your business team to deal with heart attacks or other medical emergencies that may occur at the office.

Both team and individual training can be held all across the state of Minnesota. Best of all, classes can be taught at your location or at ours. At no additional charge, our instructors will bring the class to you!

MMTS has helped businesses and individuals statewide prepare themselves to employ the latest standards and techniques.

A Course for Everyone

Even if you’re not part of a business and just part of a group, our classes are designed to fit your needs, as well. MMTS classes are a fun, relaxing way to learn how to react in the event of an emergency situation. With flexible scheduling and classes that can be taught on weekdays, evenings and over the weekend, MMTS can meet your training needs any day of the week.

Businesses and individuals alike will benefit from the professional training of our expert instructors.

Start Your Certification Today!

Ready to start your individual, business team or group CPR classes in MN? Give us a call at 651-653-2188 for more information on MMTS training courses or contact us through our website form today.


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