MMTS Offers Top-Tier First Aid Certification MN

First Aid Certification MNFirst aid certification at MMTS goes beyond the basics of regular classes. Each course is specially designed by some of the best clinical staff in all of Minnesota. Our instructors, including EMTs and emergency room nurses, have a range of first-hand experience in the healthcare field.

They don’t just recite lectures.

With MMTS training, you will gain more than your first aid certification MN. You will learn to react to a variety of emergency and life-threatening situations with swift expertise.

You will learn to save lives.

Pediatric First Aid Certification

This targeted course is specifically designed to prepare you for emergency situations involving infants, children and young adults. Whether you work in childcare or are a stay-at-home parent, this course will prepare you to spring into action in the event of an emergency.

This course, which fulfills the Minnesota Department of Human Services requirement for certification, is ideal for childcare professionals, teachers, school staff, babysitters, scout leaders, parents and grandparents. From illness and injury to allergic reactions, you will be prepared to react to any medical emergency.

General Adult First Aid Certification MN

There is nothing basic about this adult first aid course. After completing this class, you will have gained the knowledge and skills to save the life of a friend, family member, coworker or even a complete stranger.

You will learn the proper medical procedures when confronting heart attacks, strokes, asthma and other breathing issues, diabetic emergencies and a host of other common injuries and trauma.

This course is ideal for business and industry professionals, office personnel, church groups, and everyday use by anyone.

Responder Team First Aid Certification

Why have one trained medical professional when you can have several?

This extensive first aid course is perfect for any business owner or manager who wants his or her professional team to be to be prepared for medical emergencies when on the job.

This course is ideal for professionals in the warehousing, manufacturing, retail and service industries. The training time of this course can range from 8-40 hours depending on your specific needs.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS)/Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) Training

These specialized courses focus on the early brain development of infants and how you can prevent AHT, previously known as shaken baby syndrome, and minimize the risk of SUIDS from occurring.

Our certified instructors will teach you to recognize the signs of AHT and how to react accordingly. They will also show you how to take the necessary precautions that can lower the risk of SUIDS.

This course is ideal for those who work with infants and young children as well as new parents and grandparents.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

This specialized yet vital course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about bloodborne pathogens. By understanding their basic modes of transmission, you will be able to contain the spread of diseases that can be carried in the blood. You will learn to clean, handle and dispose of potentially infectious materials in the proper manner.

This course is ideal for business and retail managers, healthcare professionals, childcare professionals, and anyone who may come in contact with hazardous materials.

Custom First Aid Certification and Classes

MMTS first aid certification MN can be customized to fit the needs of you, your group or your professional team. Our qualified paramedics, nurses and doctors can develop classes and content that will give you an individualized experience like no other.

Best of all, our courses can be held at one of our locations or yours, with no additional charge!

We customize everything from wilderness training for outdoor groups to first aid training for tour groups traveling abroad. We also provide specialized training for heavy industrial/manufacturing workers and workplace training for retail, business and transportation employees. Whatever your needs, we can fulfill them. For more details, call now!


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