The Importance of Safety

Safety shouldn’t need to be defended. It should be a given. And yet, safety is constantly ignored. Accidents happen far too often because safety is ignored.

That’s why employers pay over $1 billion per week in workman’s compensation.

But money isn’t the only upside of a safe workplace.


A safe employee is a happy employee. Treating employees well and keeping them safe builds trust and loyalty. A great way to keep your employees safe and happy is to check with them directly. Ask if they’ve seen potential risks or hazards. Make sure they feel safe. Don’t just assume.

And when they tell you something is wrong, actually do something about it.


When a business is unsafe, word spreads beyond the walls of the workplace. Potential hires will stay away. Costumers might not even want to do business with you. And, of course, OSHA representatives may come to inspect. You could face serious penalties across the board.

A company that places a strong value on safety, on the other hand, can build a sterling reputation.

Better Quality, Less Overturn

Your business will produce its best results when it has well trained, experienced employees that aren’t missing work. If an employee is injured, you may be short a value worker for some time. If employees are leaving because of safety concerns, then you have to hire and train new, less experienced employees.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Safety isn’t just about preventing accidents. It’s also about being prepared for when they happen. One of the best ways to be prepared for accidents in the workplace is having staff members trained with life saving skills such as first aid, AED training, CPR, and bloodborne pathogen training.

This will enable them to react quicker and more confidently. How people react in an emergency situation can very easily mean the difference between life and death. An accident in the workplace is bad, but a death is far worse. Keep your workers safe. Get them properly trained.

For BLS, first aid, or CPR training in Minnesota, visit our classes page or contact us directly for on site training.

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