I’ve Survived a Heart Attack. What Now?

A heart attack is a terrifying experience that only a person who has had one can truly understand. The good news is 90% of people survive their first heart attack. However, once you’ve had one, you’re now at a higher risk of having a second one.

This may leave you afraid to try to live your life and experience new things. So the question is, what do you do after having a heart attack?

Change Your Lifestyle. Get Healthy 

While genetics can certainly play a role, poor health is the leading cause of heart attacks. If you want to prevent another heart attack, one of the best things you can do is to live a healthier life.

This includes changing your diet, cutting out smoking, reducing or eliminating drinking, and of course, getting exercise. You’ll want to take it easy at first if you’ve just experienced your heart attack, but you can increase the intensity over time.

Keep Regular Doctor’s Appointments

It’s important that you keep an eye on your cholesterol, heart rhythms, etc. Make sure to be visiting your doctor regularly so that they can advise you on how you’re doing. Typically, doctors can spot signs of a problem before it arises.

Continue to Live Your Life

Often times, people become closed off after experiencing a heart attack. This can cause depression, fear, and anxiety, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, all of which can increase the risk of another heart attack. Happiness and joy are actually good for the heart and overall health.

By living a fuller, more fulfilling life, you can actually decrease your chances of a future heart attack. It might be scary at first, but the idea of being a shut-in who is at risk for another heart attack should scare you more.

Just like with exercise, however, you should ease into your regular life.

Learn to Help Someone Else Experiencing Cardiac Arrest from a Heart Attack

When someone experiences cardiac arrest due to a heart attack, their life hangs in the balance. By learning CPR and other basic life saving techniques, you can help someone else survive their heart attack.

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