Happiness and the Heart – Why It’s So Good to Feel Good

Happiness is underrated. Smiling, laughter, and a worry free mind are rewards in themselves. It feels good to, well, feel good. But the benefits of joy are much deeper.

Being happy is actually good for your health, especially your heart.

Happiness Lowers Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

A study done in 2005 had participants rate their happiness over the course of 30 days. Those who rated their days has happier consistently had lower blood pressure and heart rates. How does this happen?

When you dwell on negativity or stressful emotions, your body works itself harder, raising your blood pressure. By staying relaxed and focusing on good things, your body actually runs better.

Researchers found that happy people are 22% less likely to develop heart disease over the course of a 10 year follow up.

The Power of Laughter

Have you ever laughed so hard, your sides hurt? That’s because laughter actually works your body’s muscles, just like exercise. In addition to working your body, it also reduces the level of stress inducing hormones that are harmful to your heart.

Laughter might not actually be “the best medicine”, but it’s pretty good.

Love and Marriage

It’s well known that a bad marriage can put a lot of stress on a person. A good marriage, however, does the opposite. Studies have shown time and again that people in love and happily married live long. In addition, they’re less likely to develop heart disease.

 But You Can’t Force Happiness, Can You?

Actually, you kind of can. Researchers have found that a smile, even if you force it, decreases stress. A forced smile can actually make you happier, transforming it into a genuine smile. Also, while a person might not have full control over the circumstances around them, they can control what they dwell on.

Thinking happy thoughts might sound cheesy and cliché, but there’s a lot of power behind doing so.

Another Way to Lower Stress

Stress is often caused by events out of our control. One way to take control is by getting your first aid certification MN. Minnesota and Wisconsin residents can sign up for one of our scheduled classes or contact us for an onsite training session.

With the ability to react to an emergency cardiac situation, you’ll feel more calm should one arise. And if your training happens to be the thing that saves a person’s life, we can assure you that you’ll be feeling pretty happy afterwards.

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