Common Mistakes with BLS and How to Avoid Them

Basic life support skills are a great asset for anyone to have.  Because injuries, accidents, and cardiac attacks generally happen when people least expect them to, professional help isn’t always close at hand.  For many, a person trained with BLS could be the difference between life and death.

But it’s very important to stay mindful.

Because a person’s body is often in a fragile condition, making the wrong move can have serious consequences.  These are a few of the most common mistakes people make with BSL and how you can avoid them:

Not Calling for Help

In almost every situation, the first thing you should do is call for help.  Even with BLS training, you’re ultimately limited in the aid you can provide.  The sooner a medical professional can arrive on scene with their equipment, the better.

Before doing anything else, call for help.

Not Tilting the Head Back

When a person is lying on the ground unconscious or experiencing cardiac arrest, they might not be getting proper airflow to their lungs.  Maintaining a supply of oxygen to the body is crucial.

Stopping CPR

If a person’s heart isn’t beating properly, that means blood isn’t flowing to their brain.  The most important thing you can do during this time is keep that blood flowing by applying CPR until medical help arrives.

Not Pressing Hard/Fast Enough

If you’re providing CPR, especially if it’s for the first time, it’s common to fear that you’re pressing too hard.  The truth is, you should be much more concerned about not pressing hard enough.  It’s not unexpected for a person to have a rib broken or two as a result of CPR.  At the end of the day, it’s well worth it if it means staying alive.

Similarly, you might be pressing too slow.  When performing CPR, you should be delivering around 100 chest compressions per minute.  Count out loud to steady your rhythm.

Not Being Properly Trained

When it comes down to it, the biggest, most common mistake people make regarding BLS is not getting certified training.  By receiving BLS certification MN, you can be prepared to provide support, avoid mistakes, and potentially save lives.

Call or email us today and get scheduled.  We’ll even come to you.

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