The Heart: A Complex System of the Human Body

The heart is one of the most complex and arguably the most vital organ contained within the human body. Although most can say that the heart pumps blood (a given fact about the human anatomy – a concept depended upon for its faithful delivery), not many may know the more interesting and unique facts known about the human heart and its related components:


  • A typical heart valve is about the size of a half-dollar.
  • The first pacemakers were required to plug into a wall in order to adequately function.
  • Two hands clasped together – this is the approximate size of your heart.
  • The beating sound of the heart is caused by the valve leaflets opening and closing.
  • The number of heart attacks rises on Christmas Day.
  • Mummies that range up to 3000 years old have been found to have had heart disease.
  • A healthy heart beats about 100,000 time a day.
  • While sleeping, a healthy heart can drop to between 40 and 60 beats per minute.
  • Typically, a female’s heart beats faster than a male’s heart – by almost 8 beats per minute.
  • Individuals who maintain a low rate of physical activity have double the risk of heart disease than those who maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Heart cancer is relatively rare; this is because heart cells quit dividing early in life.
  • 1 in 3 women are living with heart disease.
  • In the US, every minute, a woman dies from heart disease, stroke, or cardiovascular disease.
  • Depression can increase your risk of suffering from a heart attack.
  • Every minute, the heart pumps about 5 gallons of blood through the 60,000 miles worth of vessels in the body – this is about 2,000 gallons of blood pumped per day.


The human heart proves to be an extremely complex and ordinarily necessary organ of the human body. Whether the heart continues to faithfully pump blood through its half-dollar-sized valves, creating the beating sound as the leaflets reliably open and close – or – the heart proves its ability to remain arguably the most vital organ situated within the human body as it is able to beat 100,000 times per day while pumping 5 gallons of blood each minute – the human heart continues to function and necessarily support the human body and its daily demands.

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