Alarming Heart Health Statistics

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US? Your heart is at the center of your body’s functions. When it has problems, your life is very much at risk. It’s important to understand just how common heart conditions are.

By knowing more about the issue, you can prepare yourself accordingly and reduce your risk of becoming another statistic.

Here are just a few alarming heart facts.

One in Four Deaths are Caused by Heart Disease

Not only is heart disease the number one cause of death, but it accounts for a quarter of them. Over half a billion people die due to heart disease, something that with the right care and treatment, could be prevented in many cases.

Men are More Likely to Die from Heart Disease

Statistically, over half of people who die from heart disease are men. That said, there’s still a significant portion of female deaths from it as well.

And Women Under 50 are Twice as Likely to Die from a Heart Attack then Men of the Same Age

Women are also less likely to survive a second heart attack than men.

Every 20 Seconds, a Heart Attack Occurs

Additionally, every minute, a fatality is caused by a heart attack. That means that nearly half of people who experience a heart attack die from it.

Heart Attacks Don’t Always Show Symptoms

While it’s common for a person to experience chest pain, tightness, soreness in their arm, or shortness of breath in the time leading up to a heart attack, this isn’t always the case.

Aspirin Can Help Significantly

By chewing an uncoated aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack, the amount of damage to the heart can be reduced.

Heart Disease Greatly Increased the Chances of Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest causes your heart to stop beating (or beating in a highly irregular manner).

If CPR is Applied, the Chances of Surviving Cardiac Arrest More than Double

By applying CPR immediately after a person experiencing cardiac arrest, whether it’s caused by heart disease or something else, you could save a life.

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